Thursday, December 31, 2009


 Hi friends,

             Your name is extremely important as it is how you identify yourself. You are known and identified by your name to the outside world.

             A name is the unique part of language that is attached and given to you by your parents or relatives. Your name affects your overall pattern of thinking, including mental strengths and weaknesses.

             Every name has a meaning. It is said more you are called by your name, more you would inherit the qualities related to your particular name. You can see all around that some people are naturally detailed; others are disorganized.

         Some are promoters; others are teachers. Some are people-oriented; others are loners. Some are technical; others are inspirational. Some are happy and optimistic;Some are reliable; others are indifferent. 

         Some are intellectual; others live in their feelings. These thinking patterns are to a great extent dependent upon the name and the meaning of that name which a person has been given by parents.

  Find out the true meaning of your name right now.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Neck Exercizes..........


           In my continual thought for my fellow computer friends, I offer...... Neck Exercises to do at the computer..Here it goes.....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Executive Assistants Job in 2010!!!

Hi friends,
                   2010 is Coming in 2 days.. All those who are searching for Good job must get placed in 2010. Here by i give u some Main Job Profile about  "EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS".

                   Executive Assistants are a step up on the job ladder from Administrative Assistants. Like Administrative Assistants, they perform a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary to run an organization efficiently.

                  Executive Assistants, however, usually support a high ranking executive or will serve multiple managers. They will also aid in more advanced responsibilities, like researching, letter drafting, even marketing and sales assistance.

Executive Assistant is the best fit for you, ask and answer the following questions:
Can you keep close track of confidential information?
• Can you multitask with great accuracy and attention to detail?
• Does working with a team and supporting many people excite you?
• Do I enjoy changing gears on a moment’s notice?

                    In 2006, the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that there were 1,618,000 executive assistants and administrative assistants in the U.S. By 2016, this number is projected to grow by 15% or 239,000 jobs to 1,857,000 executive assistants. This is faster than the average for all jobs in the U.S., which means the opportunities in this area are plentiful.

Monday, December 28, 2009

10 tips for Answering Effectively in Interview:)

Hi friends,

               Here by i give u "Ten tips for answering the interview questions effectively". Make sure you follow all these points and get Successful job..

1. Relax yourself and be confident.

2. Ensure you vend your self; don’t be frightened to shove your strong points.

3. Expect that you will be asked some questions that you never heard or read anywhere.

4. Never think that Interviews are something to fear, they are a medium to excel and prove your abilities.

5. Write down some of your best points and ensure you can use them at the time of interview.

6. Make use of some examples while answering the questions. If you have applicable circumstances you can invite such situations.

7. Avoid telling lies in the interview, mainly recruiters will spot this. So be careful.

8. Ensure that you have collected some information about the company, as it gives the interviewer the impression that you are enthusiastic and very much interested in this company

9. Think about conducting a mock interview before attending the real interview. If you feel, you lack confidence and practice this mock interview will help you to a certain extend. Here you will get a chance to analyze yourself; you can improve your performance wherever you feel wrong.

10. Prepare some questions to ask at the time of interview. Try to ask some relevant questions.Don’t ask too many questions that irritate the interviewer. 

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feel Great Every Day!!

Hi friends,

           Let me reveal  you how to feel great every day for the rest of your life. The ONLY MEDICINE IS "LAUGHTER"..When people laugh, they feel good and get pleasure. Most people need some sort of external stimulus to tickle their funny bones and make them laugh.

                   Have you ever laughed so hard that you were left rolling on th floor with uncontrollable laughter? I’m not talking about the kind of laughter where you chuckle or give a phony laugh at your boss telling you a lame joke. I’m talking about downright, pee-your-pants laughter where you’re doubled-over and your stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
                 This is essential for you to understand in order for you to feel great every day for the rest of your life.Ok, so you felt pretty great after laughing pretty hard, didn’t you? Very good, I can see you nodding your head now as you sit at the computer reading this article. Thank you.

Physically relax:
          Now, sit down with your arms and legs uncrossed. Or if you prefer, lie down on your back with your arms and legs lying flat on the bed. Make yourself as comfortable as humanly possible.
Give yourself permission to relax:

       Now close your eyes. Tell yourself internally, “In the next 15 minutes, I’m going to allow myself to remember all the times where I felt outrageous, side-splitting laughter. I’m going to laugh as hard to improve my health and well being. I give myself permission in these next 15 minutes to laugh myself silly so that I feel great for the rest of the day.” 

Make ur life more pleasurable by Laughing!! Laugh and make ur day added in ur life!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Club House Gravy

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Club House. All opinions are 100% mine.


        I had a great time on this Christmas in my Friend's home. Every year ,they usually serve Gravy. But most of the time it wont be good. 

         The only problem with the gravy recipes is that they are last-minute. This is the final kitchen task of the day, since you need the drippings from the turkey roasting pan and stock from simmering giblets for the best flavor.Club House Gravy can help you make great tasting gravy with no stress or fuss!

 Then, i suggested gravy tips video which is very easy and simple to make. First she was not convinced with my words. We had bet of Rs.500/-. With no heart, She too tried it. This Christmas we got excellent gravy and i got 500/-. Im so happy that i had won the bet and also she got good Gravy from this Christmas Eve. Though she is doing gravy for many years, she added saying she didnt got this much taste so far. Thanks to Club House!!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Librarians- The Great Job :))

 Hi friends,

                Many of us know about Librarians.. They do a great job in our School and College days.. Do u know what is their Main Role.

Role of Librarians:

  •  Librarians assist people in finding information and using it effectively for personal and professional purposes. 
  • Librarians must have knowledge of a wide variety of scholarly and public information sources and must follow trends related to publishing, computers, and the media in order to oversee the selection and organization of library materials. 
  • Librarians manage staff and develop and direct information programs and systems for the public, to ensure that information is organized in a manner that meets users. 
  • Most librarian positions incorporate three aspects of library work- User services, technical services, and administrative services.

Merry Christmas to All!!!

Hi friends,

                WISH U ALL "MERRY CHRISTMAS"..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dressing Sense in Interview- For Guys :))

 Hi friends,

                Many people attend interviews. Only some will get the Jobs easily though they are not upto the Mark and easily pass through the Interview. It may be because of their Dressing Sense.. Get some tips here and you too follow it..

  • Most men don’t realize it, but not all collars were created equal. Some are narrow, some are wide, some are in between. You can wear whatever type of collar you want, but how you tie your tie must match it, lest you look like an unprofessional fool. 
  • Shoes with leather soles are more expensive, but they are yet another subtle sign that can convey a higher level of professionalism. If shoes like this are still a bit too pricey for your budget, there are many brands of shoes that have some rubber and some leather on the bottom but have the same slim profile. 
  • You still shouldn’t be wearing light socks with a dark suit. Socks should be darker than a suit’s fabric. 
                   Black suit? Black shoes and black socks.
                   Blue suit? Brown shoes and darker brown socks. 

Do follow this tips and get success in ur interview!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lasik surgery on Stahl Eye Center


         Let me say about "LASIK SURGERY ON STAHL EYE CENTER".

               LASIK is a surgical procedure intended to reduce a person's  dependency on glasses or contact lenses.  LASIK  (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a type of refractive surgery for correcting  myopia,hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Advantages of LASIK:

      General Lasik information and surgery video available at
  • LASIK eye surgery is a treatment that reshapes the cornea that  improves the eye’s focusing power and enhances patients visual acuity.
  •  LASIK eye surgery provides an effective treatment option, where a predetermined amount of corneal tissue is removed.

             Stahl Eye Center remains in the forefront of laser vision correction, and  this innovation will make use of bladeless LASIK even more effective. Stahl Eye Center has been serving patients for more than 35 years. Mainly Laser eye surgery doctors are from Long Island, New York,and they offer one-on-one consultations and provide the most intimate, individualized care. Stahl Eye Center  Doctors mainly provide good care for patients in order to seek clear vision. Stahl Eye Center has three locations in New York including Manhattan and Long Island.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Engineering Interview Questions..

Hi friends,

    Today let me say some important Engineering Interview Questions which is most  Expected at the Interview.. 
  • Can You Solve Problems with Your Hands as Well as Your Head?
                 It’s one thing to tackle engineering problems in a theoretical, cerebral context. But often you’ve literally got to get your hands dirty to make something work the way it’s supposed to.

  • Do You Truly Understand Clients/Customers and Teamwork?

    There’s a difference between the fantasy of engineering as a form of individual expression and the reality of engineering as a business. So expect to be questioned about how you’ve dealt with client/customer concerns and personalities in the past. And be sure you’re also ready to explain how you’ve collaborated with diverse colleagues to meet the sometimes demanding expectations of clients and customers. 

  • What Software Do You Really Know?

    When Hr questions the mechanical engineering candidates about their experience with software packages like SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER and AutoCAD, she’s looking for more than surface-level working knowledge. “I ask, ‘What’s the coolest thing you know how to do with the package?’” she says. Here, the employer is attempting to gauge fluency, or applied expertise. It’s nice to merely be familiar with, say, COSMOSWorks.
          Be Sure you answer Well with Confidence and Job is in ur hands now!!All the best!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

How to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary?

Hi friends,

   "Marriages are made in Heaven".. Mainly the 1st anniversary is not only the couple's expectation but also the friends and relatives expectations as what gift they shared?and which place they went and spend time?

Here are some tips:
  • Make an effort to get up a bit earlier than your spouse and surprise him or her with breakfast in bed. Thinking of your love used to be the first thing you thought about in the morning and the last thing before going to sleep, but in your years together, you have the blessing of being in the arms of your loved one and seeing him or her as the first and last thing each day.
  • Exchange gifts with your spouse.This is wat everyone will do. But make yours a even more special by giving surprise gifts by taking her to the place where she is actually asking u to take her for long time. Its more great than usual gifts.  

    * View your wedding video and photo albums:  It is the most memorable event that u can actually share with one another stating, See! how cute im on that day! Its all a event that make us feel happy even wen we are in sad mood.

                    So,Make ur Anniversary great and Enjoy Life!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Favorite Coffee Shop


       I am going to say about "My Favorite Coffee Shop", and also "What is my favorite drink and why?".Every one likes to cherish good times with a hope that they last forever.  CAFE COFFEE DAY make this a reality, in the form of  giving good Coffee to the Customers and we will enjoy the most in it.

              My Favorite coffee Shop is "CAFE COFFEE DAY" in  ISPAHANI CENTRE" which is at   Nungambakkam high road,Chennai . One of my favorite  place to have a rendezvous with anyone... mostly my first preference to meet someone for the first time and chill out! CAFE COFFEE DAY is a wonderful, quiet retreat, and lovely place to enjoy a casual cup of coffee or even a lazy Sunday brunch.

              My favorite drink is "HOT CHOCOLATE"- "Hot coffee with a swirl of chocolate."Lots and lots and lots of Chocolate. I love it..All of them will love because of that Chocolate Flavor. The ambience is great, the coffee rates are above average than a normal coffee shops.Service is Great! Location is the main place and so all College Students, Working Guys and Women's favorite hang out place is obviously "CAFE COFFEE DAY".  Atmosphere is excellent because very place is very silent.

Some of the Top Menus in CAFE COFFEE DAY are:
  • Hot Coffee
  • International Coffee
  • Coffee Add Ons
  • Cold Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate 
  • Powder Coffee
  • Icecreams 
  • Quick Bytes
   * Amazing variety of beverages, food, merchandise and consumer products that cater to a wide range of tastes.

    * Greater value for money, Café Coffee Day offers world-class café experience at affordable prices with items available from Rs. 10 onwards!!!

So, Visit Cafe Coffee Day Today and Enjoy!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

SAP India CEO Ranjan Das - Passed Away on Wednesday, 21-Oct-2009

Hi friends,

            This is very very important and shocking.I am changing my lifestyle today… are you?

Ranjan Das, CEO and MD of SAP Indian subcontinent died after a massive cardiac arrest in Mumbai on Wednesday. One of the youngest CEOs, he was 42.

What killed Ranjan Das and Lessons for Corporate India ?

      A month ago, many of us heard about the sad demise of Ranjan Das from Bandra, Mumbai. Ranjan, just 42 years of age, was the CEO of SAP-Indian Subcontinent, the youngest CEO of an MNC in  India . He was very active in sports, was a fitness freak and a marathon runner. It was common to see him run on Bandra's  Carter Road . Just after Diwali, on 21st Oct, he returned home from his gym after a workout, collapsed with a massive heart attack and died. He is survived by his wife and two very young kids.

The Real Reason:

        However, everyone missed out a small line in the reports that Ranjan used to make do with 4-5 hours of sleep. This is an earlier interview of Ranjan on NDTV in the program 'Boss' Day Out':

Here he himself admits that he would love to get more sleep ( and that he was not proud of his ability to manage without sleep, contrary to what others extolled ).

Some Excerpts:

· Short sleep duration ( <5 or 5-6 hours ) increased risk for high BP by 350% to 500% compared to those who slept longer than 6 hours per night. Paper published in 2009. As you know, high BP kills.

· Young people ( 25-49 years of age ) are twice as likely to get high BP if they sleep less. Paper published in 2006.

· Individuals who slept less than 5 hours a night had a 3-fold increased risk of heart attacks. Paper published in 1999.

· Sleeping for <=5 hours per night leads to 39% increase in heart disease. Sleeping for <=6 hours per night leads to 18% increase in heart disease. Paper published in 2006.

      No wonder when you wake up with an alarm clock after 5-6 hours of sleep, you are mentally irritable throughout the day (lack of REM sleep). And if you have slept for less than 5 hours, your body is in a complete physical mess ( lack of non-REM sleep ), you are tired throughout the day, moving like a zombie and your immunity is way down.

In conclusion:

         Barring stress control, Ranjan Das did everything right: eating proper food, exercising ( marathoning! ), maintaining proper weight. But he missed getting proper and adequate sleep, minimum 7 hours. In my opinion, that killed him.
If you are not getting enough sleep ( 7 hours ), you are playing with fire, even if you have low stress.

     Unfortunately, Ranjan Das is not alone when it comes to missing sleep. Many of us are doing exactly the same, perhaps out of ignorance.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sample Resume for an Office Manager

 Hi friends,

           To be the successful job candidate in any field, it helps to have a comprehensive resume. Resume splay an important role in the Filed of Job. Here by i submit u a sample Resume for  Office Manager.

                           Ur Name
                          E-mail id


  • Dedicated and technically skilled business professional with a versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience as an office manager, secretary, administrative assistant and office clerk.
  • Excel in resolving employer challenges with innovative solutions, systems and process improvements proven to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and the bottom line.
  • Offer advanced computer skills in MS Office Suite and other applications/systems.


  • Office Management
  • Teambuilding & Supervision
  • Staff Development & Training
  • Policies & Procedures Manuals
  • Report & Document Preparation
  • Spreadsheet & Database Creation
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • Bookkeeping & Payroll
  • Records Management
  • Meeting & Event Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Expense Reduction


2007 to present 2009

Office Manager, 2007 to 2009

Repeatedly promoted during 12-year tenure with XXX, culminating in current responsibility for coordinating all office functions and supervising a team of four administrative professionals.


  • Developed efficiency-enhancing workflow/process improvements that made it possible to accommodate increasing responsibilities necessitated by staff reductions.
  • Decreased office expenditures 15% by implementing needed controls on stock/supplies and standardizing ordering procedures.
  • Saved thousands of dollars in fees and improved the response-rates of direct marketing campaigns by bringing formerly outsourced mass-mailing function in-house.





Thursday, December 17, 2009

7 Mistakes Teachers must Avoid in December


           December can be such a stressful time of year for all teachers, here is a short list of the mistakes that you can avoid this month.

1. Some school districts will pay teachers early this month because school is not in session at the end of the month. Budget your money carefully! You may feel rich right now, but your next payday is a long time away.

2. Continue to teach. Your students will try endless tricks to get you off track during the holiday season—resist.

3. Don’t believe your students when they tell you that all of their other teachers in the school will be having parties all day long instead of class. Check with your colleagues. Endless school parties result in bored and cranky students and frustrated teachers.

4. Before showing movies as rewards, be extra careful to have your choices approved by your supervisors. Don’t violate copyright laws.

5. Try to downplay the holiday aspects of this time of year. Keep your room decorations to a minimum and avoid cute holiday handouts that just take up time instead of instruct.

6. Be sensitive to the potential for embarrassment that this time of year can create for your students who live in poverty.

7. Don’t neglect your own stress levels. Usually, December activities create even more stressors for busy teachers. Be alert to this and proactive in dealing with them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hi friends,

           Good Morning! Have a great day! Some of u might know Flash.. Here Let me share the Link to learn Flash in Few Minutes.. If you've ever tried creating a bouncing object by hand, you know how tedious and rough it can be.It doesn't have to be that way!!!

     In under 15 minutes, I walk you through everything you need to know, like...

- How to shade the ball to make it look more realistic. SIMPLE!

- How to secure the starting and landing positions. EASY!

- Get it to "bounce" smoothly. EFFORTLESS!

Of course you'll get more shortcut tips, like using Ctrl Enter to test a movie clip. Or pressing F1 to easily access the Help file. Get started here -

           If you were to do this on your own, and wanted the "easing" to happen correctly, you'd have to have 7 or 8 Tweens on your stage.

         "This might be a basic flash tip, but I was struggling getting a ball to follow a path. After watching and practicing the video tip, I was able to successfully complete my company's corporate logo! Whew. After hours of fiddling around, your quick video pointed me in the right direction!"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What are the Ethical Implications of Home Robotics?

Hi friends,

        The cheaper and more prevalent robots become, the more likely we are to depend on them. But what are the social, ethical and legal implications of relying on robotics?
“Robots are not just things the manufacturer builds and you go out and use them in a specific way. Robots can often be instructed, they can be programmed, you can have software that is built upon by others,”.

 PALO ALTO of California illustrates the potential dilemmas of living with robots by telling the story of how he once got stuck in an elevator at Stanford Hospital with a droid the size of a washing machine.

            We’re still far from the sci-fi dream of having robots whirring about and catering to our every need. But little by little, we’ll be sharing more of our space with robots in the next decade, as prices drop and new technology creates specialized machines that clean up spilled milk or even provide comfort for an elderly parent.

                Now scientists and legal scholars are exploring the likely effects. What happens if a robot crushes your foot, chases your cat off a ledge or smacks your baby? While experts don’t expect a band of Terminators to attack or a “2001: A Space Odyssey” computer that takes control, even simpler, benign robots will have legal, social and ethical consequences. “As we rely more and more on automated systems, we have to think of the implications. It is part of being a responsible scientist,” Horvitz said.

         Horvitz assembled a team of scientists this year when he was president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and asked them to explore the future of human-robot interactions. A report on their discussions is due next year. For years, robots have been used outside the home. They detect bombs on the battleground, build cars in factories and deliver supplies and visit patients in hospitals.

         But the past few years have seen the rise of home robots. Mainly they are used for tasks like vacuuming (think Roomba). There are also robotic lawn mowers, duct cleaners, surveillance systems and alarm clocks. There are robotic toys for entertainment, such as Furby. Robotic companions, like Paro the harbor seal, comfort the elderly. By 2015, personal robot sales in the U.S. will exceed $5 billion, more than quadrupling what they are now, according to ABI Research, which analyzes technology trends.
            As robots interact more closely with people, the bonds some people form with the machines – even ones that do not look like humans – might need to be considered.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Immediate requirement for the following positions:-

Hi friends,

           Openings for Software Testing Engineer @ Ideavate Solutions Private Limited

Required Trainee iPhone, Blackberry, Android Developers @ OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt Limited

Amigo Info Solutions Pvt Limited, is urgently looking for .Net Programmers/ Trainees.. 

Click on the link below:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Simple Gift Ideas to Spark a Smile


      Here are some exciting and interesting "Gift Ideas to Spark a Smile on ur lovable one's face".. Make them feel special.. they will immediately be happy..

Gifts that Touch the Soul:

Homemade Gift Basket - What do they like? Put some of their favorite things together, or put together a group of small things that you think your friend will like. I’ve made  this for a friend once,

                 I included things like: chocolates, a mug, a shirt, homemade CDs, books, etc. You can get a straw basket from IKEA, home decorative stores or from your local Chinatown. Get some party stuffers for the bottom of the basket. Or stuff it with newspapers and cover the top with colored tissue paper. Wrap the entire basket with clear wrapping and close the top with a colored ribbon. Your gift receiver will love this personalized gift.
  • Love Coupons - Make a little coupon book containing favors you would do for the receiver. It doesn’t have to be fancy, you can print them out from a word processor, cut it in rectangles of the same size and staple them together.
                   Or if you want to go all out, get nice paper and a nice ink pen, write in each page of your coupon book. I’ll let you be creative with what you’ll put in the coupons. Here are some ideas: airport pickup, make dinners (can be specific with meals), massages, take dog for walks, babysitting, pamper day, etc. Put the coupon in a little box or gift bag. Recycled jewelry boxes are great for these.
  • Maid Service - Buy your friend or family a one-time maid service to clean up their place. Especially if your friend really needs the help. Alternatively, you can offer to help as a gift to them. You can find maid services from Craigslist and your local photo books.
  •  Meditation Gift Basket - make your own basket containing incense, guided meditation CD or DVDmeditative music, candles. (or both),
  • Photo box - a photo box containing photos of memories you’ve shared together. If you’ve shared specific memories with this person and have artifacts from that memory, it’s a nice touch to personalize the gift by putting these in the box. ie. If the box contains memories from a trip, maybe ticket stubs from that trip or small jewelries found on the trip. 
  •  Photo Frame - get a nice looking photo frame and put a meaningful picture in the frame. Of you and the receiver, a group of you, you alone, etc. For example, my mother cannot get enough pictures of me. I think I’ll understand it once I become a mother. :)
  • Cordless Skype Phones - use the low prices skype service without a computer. These phones will also allow you to connect and make local calls if you have a land line. I own the Philips VOIP841 and absolutely love it. It feels as authentic as a landline, and we bring this little guy with us when we travel to other countries for extended periods of times so friends and family can be in touch.

Saturday, December 12, 2009



Friday, December 11, 2009


Hi friends,

           Here by i will give u some information regarding "WINDOWS SECRET CODES"..

1.Restoring a Lost Desktop

If you ever lose the Desktop but Explorer is still running with the Start Button,
you can do this to bring back your Desktop in a Windows box.

   1. Click Start
   2. Click Run
   3. Type a period " . "
   4. Then press Enter

2.Creating a New E-Mail Shortcut

To create a shortcut that will open your default e-mail program starting a new e-mail,

   1. Right click on an open area of the desktop
   2. Select New / Shortcut
   3. For the Command Line, enter mailto:
   4. For the title enter something like New E-Mail
   5. When you click on this your default e-mail program should start with a new e-mail form.

3.Creating 3D Window Effect

You can create a nice 3D effect for your windows

   1. Start Regedit
   2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Colors
   3. Make sure the following setting are there:

    * ButtonHilight=128 128 128
    * ButtonShadow=255 255 255

4.Getting Screen Shots

If you need to get a screen shot, and you do not have a screen capture program, try this:

    *   Hit the Print Screen key. This copies a bitmap of the full screen into the Windows clipboard. Start up a graphics editor and paste it in.
    * Alt + Print Screen will capture only the active window.

5. Removing the Recycle Bin
To remove Recycle Bin from the desktop:
1.    Run REGEDIT.
2.    Find NAMESPACE key in left pane (HKEY_Local_Macine \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current Version \ Explorer \ Desktop \ Namespace)
3.    Expand NAMESPACE (click '+' box)
4.    Delete the value RECYCLE BIN in right pane

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hi friends,

             The guy's name is ORKUT BUYUKKOTEN. Yes its named after him only. Today he is paid a hefty sum by Google for the things we do like scrapping. He is expected to b the richest person by 2009.

            ORKUT BUYUKKOTEN today has 13 assistants to monitor his scrapbook & 8 to monitor his friends-list. He gets around 20,000 friend-requests a day & about 85,000 scraps!!!

         Some other Cool Facts about this guy:

* He gets $12 from Google when every person registers to this website.
* He also gets $10 when you add somebody as a friend.
* He gets $8 when your friend's friend adds you as a friend & gets $6 if anybody adds you as friend in the resulting chain.
* He gets $5 when you scrap somebody & $4 when somebody scraps you.
* He also gets $200 for each photograph you upload on Orkut.
* He gets $2.5 when you add your friend in the crush-list or in the hot-list.
* He gets $2 when you become somebody's fan.
* He gets $1.5 when somebody else becomes your fan.
* He even gets $1 every time you logout of Orkut.
* He gets $0.5 every time you just change your profile-photograph.
* He also gets $0.5 every time you read your friend's scrap-book & $0.5 every time you view your friend's friend-list.

"Moral of the story?"

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hi friends,

          Click on the below link (IT'S NOT SPAM - DO NOT GET FEAR). You will get a blank (in black background) page. Click your mouse anywhere (and everywhere) on the page and see what happens! 

Hope you will like it!

Click and drag your mouse over the page.

Click Here :

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

iPhone among decade's top 10 Internet moments

Hi friends,

                     A customer shows the 'iPhone 3G' after buying it at an outlet in New Delhi..The launch of  iPhone and the election of U.S. President Barack Obama were among the 10 most influential moments on the Internet in the past decade, according to the annual Webby awards.

             Other events singled out by the New York-based International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which has presented the annual Webby awards since 1996, were the Iranian election in 2009 when protests demonstrated the power of Twitter and other social network in reshaping democracy.

                  "The recurring theme among all of the milestones on our list is the Internet's capacity to circumvent old systems and put more power into the hands of ordinary people."

Here is the Webby's list of the 10 most influential Internet moments of the decade:

- Craigslist, the free classifieds site, expands outside San Francisco in 2000, impacting newspaper publishers everywhere

- Google AdWords launched in 2000 allowing advertisers to target their customers with laser-sharp precision

- Wikipedia, the free open-source encyclopaedia, launches in 2001 and today boasts more than 14 million articles in 271 different languages and bringing strangers together on projects

- Napster shutdown in 2001, opening the file-sharing floodgates

- Google's IPO in 2004 put the search engine on the path to powering countless aspects of our everyday lives

- Online video revolution in 2006 that led to a boom in homemade and professional content on the Internet and helped reshape everything from pop culture to politics

- Facebook opens to non-college students and Twitter takes off in 2006

- The iPhone debuts in 2007 and smartphones go from a luxury item to a necessity with an app for just about every aspect of modern life

- U.S. presidential campaign in 2008 in which the Internet changed every facet of the way campaigns are run

- Iranian election protests in 2009 when Twitter proved vital in organising demonstrations and as a protest too..

Monday, December 7, 2009

Software Testing Techniques


Today let me discuss an important topic "Software Testing Techniques"..

Black-Box Testing techniques:

When creating black-box test cases, the input data 
used is critical. Three successful techniques for 
managing the amount of input data required include:
Equivalence Partitioning.
An equivalence class is a subset of data that is representative 

of a larger class.Equivalence partitioning is a technique 
for testing equivalence classes rather thanundertaking
exhaustive testing of each value of the larger class. 
For example, aprogram which edits credit limits within a
given range (1,000 - 1,500) would have three equivalence classes:
< 1,000 (invalid)
Between 1,000 and 1,500 (valid)
> 1,500 (invalid)

Boundary Analysis:
A technique that consists of developing test cases and 

data that focus on the input and output boundaries of a 
given function. In same credit limit example, boundary
analysis would test:
Low boundary +/- one (999 and 1,001)
On the boundary (1,000 and 1,500)
Upper boundary +/- one (1,499 and 1,501)

Error Guessing:
Test cases can be developed based upon the intuition 

and experience of the tester. For example, in an example 
where one of the inputs is the date, a tester may try
February 29, 2000.. It is not possible.. 

White-Box Testing techniques:

White-box testing assumes that the path of logic in a unit 
or program is known. White-box testing consists of
testing paths, branch by branch, to produce predictable results. 
The following are white-box testing techniques:
Statement Coverage:
Execute all statements at least once.

Decision Coverage:
Execute each decision direction at least once.

Condition Coverage:
Execute each decision with all possible outcomes at least once.

Decision/Condition Coverage:
Execute all possible combinations of condition outcomes

in each decision. Treat all iterations as two-way conditions
exercising the loop zero times and one time.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

iPhone worth 1.92m pounds made from nearly 200 diamonds

Hi friends,

          Here is an interesting news about Mobile Phone..A designer has come up with the world's most expensive mobile phone, which is priced at 1.92 million pounds.

           Stuart Hughes, from Liverpool has designed the iPhone 3GS Supreme that has almost 200 diamonds incised on it. The casing is embellished with 22-carat solid gold, while the front bezel is adorned with 136 diamonds.

          The Apple logo is made from 53 of the same jewels and the front button has a diamond of more than seven carats.

           The iPhone is offered in a chest made of granite and Kashmir gold and lined with nubuck leather, reports Times Online.

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Story on Theft...

Hi friends,


Read this story and be careful of this incidents!

             After shopping in a mall, when a couple returned, they found that their car had been stolen. They went to the police station to lodge a report. A detective then drove them back to the parking lot to see if any evidence could be found at the scene of the crime. To their amazement, the car had been returned. There was an envelope on the windshield with a note of apology and two tickets to a music concert.

          The note read, "I apologize for taking your car, but my wife was having a baby and I had to hot-wire your ignition to rush her to the hospital. Please forgive the inconvenience. Here are two tickets for tonight's concert of Garth Brooks, the country-and-western music star."

        Their faith in humanity restored, the couple attended the concert and returned home late and found their house had been robbed. Valuable goods had been taken from throughout the house, from basement to attic. And, there was a note on the door reading, "Well, at least you still have your car. I have to put my kid through college somehow, don't I?"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aiyerisation of the World - An Interesting Read!

Hi friends,

             Here is a Very interesting piece written by Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyer (Veteran Journalist) about Globalization. Here it goes:))

                      In 1992, I wrote a book titled Towards Globalisation. I did not realize at the time that this was going to be the history of my family.

                        Last week, we celebrated the wedding of my daughter, Pallavi. A brilliant student, she had won scholarships to Oxford University and the London School of Economics. In London, she met Julio, a young man from Spain. The two decided to take up jobs in Beijing, China. Last week, they came over from Beijing to Delhi to get married. The wedding guests included 70 friends from North America, Europe and China.

                       That may sound totally global, but arguably my elder son Shekhar has gone further. He too won a scholarship to Oxford University, and then taught for a year at a school in Colombo. Next he went to Toronto, Canada, for higher studies. There he met a German girl, Franziska.

                       They both got jobs with the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC, USA. This meant that they constantly travelled on IMF business to disparate countries. Shekhar advised and went on missions to Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Kyrgyzstan and Laos. Franziska went to Rwanda, Tajikistan, and Russia. They interrupted these perambulations to get married in late 2003.

                      My younger son, Rustam, is only 15. Presumably he will study in Australia, marry a Nigerian girl, and settle in Peru.Readers might think that my family was born and bred in a jet plane. The truth is more prosaic. Our ancestral home is Kargudi, a humble, obscure village in Tanjore district, Tamil Nadu. My earliest memories of it are as a house with no toilets, running water, or pukka road.

                       When we visited, we disembarked from the train at Tanjore, and then travelled 45 minutes by bullock cart to reach the ancestral home. My father was one of six children, all of whom produced many children (Imyself had three siblings). So, two generations later, the size of the Kargudi extended family (including spouses) is over 200. Of these, only three still live in the village. The rest have moved across India and across the whole world, from China to Arabia to Europe to America.

                 This one Kargudi house has already produced 50 American citizens. So, dismiss the mutterings of those who claim that globalisation means westernisation. It looks more like Aiyarisation, viewed from Kargudi.

                  What does this imply for our sense of identity? I cannot speak for the whole Kargudi clan, which ranges from rigid Tamil Brahmins to beef-eating, pizza-guzzling, hip-hop dancers. But for me, the Aiyarisation of the world does not mean Aiyar domination. Nor does it mean Aiyar submergence in a global sea. It means acquiring multiple identities, and moving closer to the ideal of a brotherhood of all humanity. I remain quite at home sitting on the floor of the Kargudi house on a mat of reeds, eating from a banana leaf with my hands. I feel just as much at home eating noodles in China, steak in Spain, teriyaki in Japan and cous-cous in Morocco. I am a Kargudi villager, a Tamilian, a Delhi-wallah, an Indian, a Washington Redskins fan, and a citizen of the world, all at the same time and with no sense of tension or contradiction.

                  When I see the Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjore, my heart swells and I say to myself "This is mine." I feel exactly the same way when I see the Church of Bom Jesus in Goa, or the Jewish synagogue in Cochin, or the Siddi Sayed mosque in Ahmedabad: these too are mine. I have strolled so often through the Parks at Oxford University and along the canal in Washington, DC, that they feel part of me. As my family multiplies and intermarries, I hope one day to look at the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona and Rhine river in Germany and think, "These too are mine."

                  We Aiyars have a taken a step toward the vision of John Lennon. Imagine there's no country, It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too .My father's generation was the first to leave the village, and loosen its regional shackles. My father became a chartered accountant in Lahore, an uncle became a hotel manager in Karachi, and we had an aunt in Rangoon.

                  My generation loosened the shackles of religion. My elder brother married a Sikh, my younger brother married a Christian, and I married a Parsi. The next generation has gone a step further, marrying across the globe.

                  Globalisation for me is not just the movement of goods and capital, or even of Aiyars. It is a step towards Lennon's vision of no country.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope one day you'll join us. And the world will be one.........

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is Confidence????

Hi friends,
                       Here is an short story about "CONFIDENCE"...

              A hypothetical situation where 20 CEOs board an airplane and are told that the flight that they are about to take is the first-ever to feature pilotless technology:

It is an uncrewed aircraft.

Each one of the CEOs is then told, privately, that their company's software is running the aircraft's automatic pilot system.

Nineteen of the CEOs promptly leave the aircraft, each offering a different type of excuse.

One CEO alone remains on board the jet, seeming very calm indeed. Asked why he is so confident in this first uncrewed flight,

He replies :

"If it is the same software that is developed by my company's IT systems department, this plane won't even take off." !!!!

                                That is called Confidence!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Aids Day -December 1st 2009

Hi friends,

                Today is World AIDS DAY- It  is about raising money, increasing awareness, fighting prejudice and improving education. The World AIDS Day theme for 2009 is 'Universal Access and Human Rights'. World AIDS Day is important in reminding people that HIV has not gone away, and that there are many things still to be done.

               AIDS is a condition resulting from damage done to the human immune system by HIV. It affects tens of millions of people around the world. The United Nations (UN) World AIDS Day is held on December 1 each year to honor the victims of the AIDS pandemic and focus attention on the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS related conditions.

                According to UNAIDS estimates, there are now 33.4 million people living with HIV, including 2.1 million children. During 2008 some 2.7 million people became newly infected with the virus and an estimated 2 million people died from AIDS.Around half of all people who become infected with HIV do so before they are 25 and are killed by AIDS before they are 35.The vast majority of people with  HIV and AIDS live in lower- and middle-income countries. 

          The red ribbon is an international symbol of AIDS awareness that is worn by people all year round and particularly around World AIDS Day to demonstrate care and concern about HIV and AIDS, and to remind others of the need for their support and commitment.
          The red ribbon started as a "grass roots" effort; as a result there is no one official AIDS ribbon manufacturer, and many people make their own. It's easily done - just use some ordinary red ribbon and a safety pin!

                    If you want to take your awareness raising a step further then try finding a local event to take part in. Around the world there are hundreds of activities taking place to mark World AIDS Day, including candlelight vigils, art shows, marches and religious services.

                    Make Awareness!Spread to all whom u really care!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Believe in Yourself......

Hi friends,

U want & U get... That is luck....

U want &  U wait...That is time...

U want but U compromise...That's life...


U want, U wait & U dont compromise...

That is Success!!!

" Success is Never Permanent....Failure is never Final "

So always do not stop trying

Let's hope for the BEST!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Life Cycle of Software:-)


        Here is the  Life Cycle of Software..

1. Programmer produces code he believes is bug-free.

2. Product is tested. 20 bugs are found.

3. Programmer fixes 10 of the bugs and explains to the testing department that the other 10 aren't really bugs.

4. Testing department finds that five of the fixes didn't work and discovers 15 new bugs.

5. Repeat three times steps 3 and 4.

6. Due to marketing pressure and an extremely premature product announcement based on overly-optimistic programming schedule, the product is released.

7. Users find 137 new bugs.

8. Original programmer, having cashed his royalty check, is nowhere to be found.

9. Newly-assembled programming team fixes almost all of the 137 bugs, but introduce 456 new ones.

10. Original programmer sends underpaid testing department a postcard from Fiji. Entire testing department quits.

11. Company is bought in a hostile takeover by competitor using profits from their latest release, which had 783 bugs.

12. New CEO is brought in by board of directors. He hires a programmer to redo program from scratch.

13. Programmer produces code he believes is bug-free.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Topics to prepare, for a Entry Level Testing Job :)


       Here are some Topics to prepare, for a entry level testing job..

Testing fundamentals: Testing terminology, definitions etc.

Testing Processes: The testing processes used in your current/previous company.Knowledge of life cycle testing etc.

Testing tools: Given a problem, how to solve them using testing tools.

Testing deliverable: Able to write a test plan or test case for a given product or requirements

Analytical skills: Solving Puzzles

Programming skills(optional): Able to write pseudo code for a given problem.

                      Two software testers@dinner:-) Software Joke;;;
             Two software testers went into a diner and ordered two drinks. Then they produced sandwiches from their briefcases and started to eat. The owner became quite concerned and marched over and told them, "You can't eat your own sandwiches in here!"
The testers looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and then exchanged sandwiches. 

            Have a pleasant Evening!

Friday, November 27, 2009

When you have an "I hate my job" day try this:-)


       Do u feel that "Ur Job is not good? R u not satisfied?".. Then Surely u must Read this.. 

                                On your way home from work, stop at your pharmacy and go to the thermometer section. You will need to purchase a rectal thermometer made by Johnson and Johnson. Be very sure you get this brand. When you get home, lock your doors, draw the drapes, and disconnect the phone so you will not be disturbed during your therapy. Change to very comfortable clothing, such as a sweat suit and lie down on your bed. Open the package and remove the thermometer.

                     Carefully place it on the bedside table so that it will not become chipped or broken. Take out the material that comes with the thermometer and read it. You will notice that in small print there is a statement: "Every rectal thermometer made by Johnson and Johnson is personally tested. " Now close your eyes and repeat out loud five times: "I am so glad I do not work for quality control at the Johnson and Johnson Company. "

Top 20 replies by Programmers to Testers when their programs don't work:-)


       In our day to day life we had seen many things which we felt bad sometimes and the same incident when we think of it later,it will make us laugh. Here let me narrate what all will a programmer will say to Testing Engineers When their Program's wont work. Just take it fun. I had Listed in "Top 20".Here it goes:)

20. "That's weird..."
19. "It's never done that before."
18. "It worked yesterday."
17. "How is that possible?"
16. "It must be a hardware problem."
15. "What did you type in wrong to get it to crash?"
14. "There is something funky in your data."
13. "I haven't touched that module in weeks!"
12. "You must have the wrong version."
11. "It's just some unlucky coincidence."
10. "I can't test everything!"
9. "THIS can't be the source of THAT."
8. "It works, but it hasn't been tested."
7. "Somebody must have changed my code."
6. "Did you check for a virus on your system?"
5. "Even though it doesn't work, how does it feel?
4. "You can't use that version on your system."
3. "Why do you want to do it that way?"
2. "Where were you when the program blew up?"
1. "It works on my machine"

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Interesting Programming Skills

Hi friends,

               Life is full of Programs. Im saying about Computer Programs. We can divide our Life cycle in Classes. Here is an sample Program as how each class(each one's life) will be.. Just an imagination only.. 

class Indian_Bachelor_female_professional                                
   double styles;                                                          
   short skirts;                                                          
   long time_to_understand_problems;                                      
   float mind;                                                             
   void knowledge();                                                      
   char non_co_operative;                                                 

class Married_female_Software _Professional                              
   double weight;                                                          
   short tempered;                                                        
   long gossips;                                                          
   float hopes;                                                            
   void work();                                                           
   char unstable;                                                         

class Female_Engaged_software _professional                              

   double time_on_phone;                                                  
   short attention_on_work;                                               
   long boast;                                                            
   float on_cloud_nine;                                                    
   void understanding();                                                  
   char edgy;                                                             

  class Indian_Newly_Married_software _professional                        

    double dinner_invitations;                                             
   short time_at_work;                                                    
   long lunch_breaks;                                                     
   float talks;                                                            
   void bank_balance();                                                   
   char hen_pecked;                                                       

 class Indian_husband_wife_software _professional 

    double income;                                                         
   short temper;                                                          
   long time_no_see;                                                      
   float new_software_company;                                            
   void love;                                                             

Class Guy_who_wrote_this      
  Long time_on_bench;                                                     
Void work();                     

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