Sunday, May 23, 2010


 Hi friends,

          Here are some jokes to make you cool........

A foreign tourist hired a guide to take him around Delhi and Agra. At the
Red Fort at Delhi, he admired the architecture and asked how many years it
took to build.

Twenty years,. replied the guide.

You Indians are a lazy lot,. the tourist said. .In my country, this could
have been built in five..

At Agra he admired the Taj's beauty and asked how many years it took to
build.Only ten years,. said the guide.

The tourist retorted: .You Indians are slow! We can construct such
buildings in two-and-a-half..

In this fashion the tourist claimed that every building he admired could
have been built in his country in quarter the time.

Finally, when they reached the Qutab Minar, and the tourist asked what it was, the guide replied: .I don.t know. It wasn't there yesterday evening..

Saturday, May 8, 2010

German Parking Garage!!

Hi friends,

How's this for an engineering feat?
GERMAN  PARKING GARAGE in   Munich ,  Germany 

This is pretty amazing!
Can you imagine how all this operates? 

How do they lock each  car in its cubicle for safety?
(But believe me, the Germans WILL LOCK THAT CAR!)

Talk about German efficiency!  The two photos above were taken at a new parking garage in  Munich .  The actual space that the facility occupies is approximately only 20% of a comparable facility with the traditional design that is used primarily in the  US .

 Not only is the German structure less expensive to build, but vehicles are also 'retrieved' in less time and without the potential of being damaged by an attendant

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Googly From today's Mid-Day Mumbai

Hi friends,


Like others, this man too, had a dream.

Like  others , he too pushed his way into the crowded train

Like others, he too wanted to get going before he got delayed

Unlike others, he slipped and fell in the gap between the train and the platform at Kandivli station.

And eight bogies went over him

Find out what happened to this man on 

The man obviously has a guardian angel and supportive bystanders who told him exactly what he shouldn’t do — move. And so, the man lay absolutely still as eight bogies of the train passed over him — centimeters from his head. Within seconds the 12-coach train passed and the man clambered out, unaided, unhurt, but too shocked to speak to us after his near-death experience 
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